Why Cake Pop???

Why Cake Pop???

* Rich, Moist Cake coated in decadent chocolate

* No Plates, No Forks, No Mess

* Custom Colours and Designs to Match any Event's

* Perfect bite-sized treats for all ages

Cake Pop Stands

Does Cake Pop KL supply cake stands for cake pops?
 Yes, I do supply customized Cake Pop stands for different themed parties.

Basic Packaging included - Cake Pop + Plastic packaging + Tie Wire + Normal Cake Box

My customized Cake Pop stands come with different types of -
fancy boxes, pots, vases, mugs, styrofoams, ribbons, etc.

Customized tags on each of the Cake Pops -
Thank You, Congratulations, Baby Shower, Good Luck , Get Well Soon, etc.

   I will personally search for the best wrapper and ribbon to suit your theme party. I do not keep stock of the ribbons and wrappers, henceforth, advance notice needs to be given if you do need a cake pop stand for your party. At least a week, but 2 would be better.

Charges for the cake pop stands varies with the size, ribbon and paper used. Further details to be discussed via email upon receiving your event requirements.

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